Australian Wooden Boat Festival
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Festival Map
Four foot two display - IXL Lobby Shipwrights Village Tree to Boat Exhibition Tasmanian Fishing Exhibition Historic Wooden Fishing Boats Seaplane Tours Seafood Market & Theatre Indonesian Village Model Boats Display ABC Radio 936 Devonport Village Quick'n Dirty Boat Building Irish Boatbuilding Maritime Museum of Tasmania The Waterside Tavern Boat Owners Registration Festival Media Centre Main Information Tent Cancer Council Free Sunscreen Tall Ship Cruises Franklin Village MyState V.I.K. (Very Important Kids) Area Woodcraft Guild of Tasmania Festival Food Court Maritime Marketplace Vintage Surfboard Display Salamanca Arts Centre Vic Dock Hunter St (VDH) Vic Dock Landing (VDL) Macquarie No.1 (Mac1) Kings Sea Wall North (KSWN) Kings Sea Wall South (KSWS) Kings Pier Wharf North (KPWN) Kings Pier Wharf South (KPWS) Kings Finger No.1 (KF1) Kings Finger No.2 (KF2) Kings Finger No.3 (KF3) Kings Finger No.4 (KF4) Franklin East (FEAST) Franklin Pennicott (FP) Elizabeth Wharf North (EWN) Elizabeth Sea Wall (ESW) Con Dock Fish Punts (CDFP) Con Dock Franklin (CDF) Con Dock Mawson(CDMAW) Con Dock Davey (CDDAV) Elizabeth Wharf South (EWS) Franklin Elizabeth South (FES) Watermans Dock (WMD) Princes No.1 Hunter St Victoria Dock Kings Pier Marina The Seafood Market Constitution Dock Elizabeth St Pier Mawson Place Franklin Wharf MyState V.I.K (Very Important Kids) Area The Festival Foodcourt Maritime Marketplace Salamanca Arts Centre