About the Workshop

The spring pole lathe is a foot-powered lathe for turning round components. In this short workshop (60 minutes), participants will get an introduction to the tools and techniques of turning. We will learn about how to control the tools to make clean cuts and create a round object. Everyone has their own lathe and basic turning tools to work with. We will start with an octagonal billet and turn it into a round, with the intention to make a wooden belay pin, like those used on the traditionally rigged boats and tall ships. Participants can choose to make a belay pin to take home or any other round object like a rolling pin, porridge spurtle, wooden mallet or garden dibber.

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About Wisdom Through Wood

At Wisdom Through Wood we have a passion for keeping the tools and skills of pre-industrial woodworking alive, and have shared this passion through our courses and demonstrations at shows and festivals since 2012. We offer one to two woodworking courses each month, ranging from one to nine days long.

Working with green wood, we create beautiful utilitarian objects such as spoons and bowls, stools, chairs and sometimes small buildings. We also coach people through individual woodworking projects in our workshop or at their place, and undertake commissions as well as facilitating team building and professional development programs.

The AWBF has always been a highlight on our calendar and this year we are happy to have the chance to offer some short workshops as well as demonstrating our craft.

Ticketing Terms & Conditions: Tickets are non-refundable except in the case that the event has been cancelled by the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. By purchasing a ticket you agree to all ticketing terms and conditions found here.