Following the raging success of the 2022 Maritime Trail workshop program, we are bringing the gift of DIY craftmanship to the 2023 Australian Wooden Boat Festival!

In conjunction with the Blundstone Shipwright's Village, we are offering a mix of multiple-day, full day and short workshops at the Blundstone Noisy Boatyard, before and during the festival long weekend. Participants have the opportunity to work closely with skilled craftspeople, using specialist hand tools and will produce unique maritime objects. Visitors to the boatyard will be able to enjoy the view as dreams are realised and projects come to life! 

*Please note, the workshop ''Japanese Riverboat Build with Douglas Brooks'' is being held prior to the festival and will be located at the Wooden Boat Centre in Franklin. The finished boat will be showcased at the Blundstone Noisy Boatyard.

Workshops Type Dates Session Times Price
Riving & the Drawknife Short Workshop:Traditional Woodworking Daily:Friday 10-Monday 13 1000-1130 $45 + booking fee
Turning on the Spring Pole Lathe Short Workshop:Traditional Woodworking Daily:Friday 10-Monday 13 1230-1330 or 1430-1530 $35 + booking fee
Craft a Wooden Handboard for Bodysurfing 4 hour Workshop:Traditional Woodworking Daily:Saturday 11-Monday 13 1000-1400 $110 + booking fee
Make a Wagata-bon Tray 2 Day Workshop:Japanese Tray Making Workshop 1:Friday 10-Saturday 11 Workshop 2: Sunday 12-Monday 13 1000-1600 $290 + booking fee
Japanese River Boat Build Intensive 6-9 Day Workshop Starts pre-festival:Saturday 4-Sunday 12 0900-1700 $2380