''We are building this boat, but there are lots of people that have contributed in different ways. Other boat builders drop by to check up. People give us their advice and their experience. It’s just the way the community runs.''

— Matt Morris, Boat Builder

Join our new regular giving program and become a First Mate!

Our new regular giving program, Festival First Mates, is a critical part of our fundraising activities. Being a First Mate of the not-for-profit Australian Wooden Boat Festival means you are part of the crew. First Mates are responsible for the well-being of the Festival; they understand that giving a little regularly means big benefits for the future. For just $10 a month you can ensure our security and keep the Festival and wooden boat community afloat.

Why Giving Regularly is Better for You

  • You can be in control of your giving. By being mindful and strategic (not donating reactively), you can be proud that your gift is considered, planned and intentional.
  • Regular giving takes the pressure off when bigger expenses come around. By making small, regular donations, you'll know you've done your part in caring for the Festival and community you love.
  • Whether you give $10 a month or more, the choice is yours and can easily be changed depending on your budget and day to day expenses.
  • Convenient, safe and secure — automated monthly payments are hassle-free and will shorten your to-do list. Receipts can be sent monthly or annually and information about your donation can be provided any time by emailing office@awbf.org.au.


Why Giving Regularly is Better for Us

  • Regular giving provides us with a reliable source of income. Knowing that we have a reliable source of income allows us to plan more effectively and commit to projects that sustain and grow the Festival and the wooden boat community.
  • Lower admin costs — plain and simple. Automated regular giving means fewer administrative tasks, which saves us money and time, leading to higher productivity in delivering Festival and community projects.

To donate or find out more contact paul@awbf.org.au or call 03 6223 3375

*Please note, contributions to the Festival First Mate regular giving program are currently not tax deductible. We are presently working towards Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and look forward to offering this to all our First Mates in the near future.

Recognising our First Supporters

The Australian Wooden Boat Festival kindly thanks and proudly recognises our first supporters who lead the way in building a strong and sustainable future for our wooden boat community.

A big thank you to Lee Astheimer, Brian Canny, John Martin, Michael Fuller and Joanne Garton.

''Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.'' — Ryunosuke Satoro

First Mates support us with:

  • The day-to-day running of our Festival; keeping a roof over our head and the bilges clean!
  • Providing news and updates on wooden boats and the maritime industry.
  • Sharing stories and engaging with our community.
  • Positively promoting wooden boats and maritime culture across the seas and on to the next generation.

First Mate acknowledgements:

  • Recognition on our website (please let us know if wish to remain anonymous).
  • Invitation to a First Mate celebratory event at the Festival.
  • A limited edition lapel pin and decal for every biennial Festival you're a member. Collect all Festival pins/decals and wear/stick them with pride! (For pick-up or post during the Festival period).

Now Open to All Australian States