Board member since October 2020

Board member since October 2020

Jane is a proud Tasmanian, honoured to serve on the Australian Wooden Boat Festival Board, helping strengthen AWBF’s positive impact on the Tasmanian community and celebrating and promoting our special maritime cultural heritage through this world-class, award-winning event.

Jane is an experienced and well-networked policy expert whose unique combination of skills make her an asset for the AWBF and its operations within the current COVID-19 context, where it must navigate and effectively manage new risks.

Jane has contacts across state and federal governments and within the private sector. Her experience spans Australian and Tasmanian state public services and international organisations. Jane’s international experience includes work in challenging environments (posting to Afghanistan). She has also effectively managed large programs and budgets (Defence Cooperation Program with PNG $21 million, and Southeast Asia $10 million).

Jane’s background in providing policy and strategic advice on Defence operations provides a strong risk management and planning focus, which informs her approach to problem solving. These skills are directly relevant to the risk management necessary for a successful post-coronavirus AWBF.

In 2020, Jane co-managed the Emergency Operations Centre within the Department of Communities. This team managed the government-run quarantine program which has contributed to limiting the spread of coronavirus in Tasmania. After taking parental leave in 2021, Jane is working as a Senior Policy Analyst in the Department of Communities.

Jane returned to Tasmania with her family to live and raise her family close to the water and be involved in Tasmanian culture. Jane has a passion for coastal life, the craftsmanship and cultural heritage associated with wooden boats and what a successful Festival means to Tasmanians socially and economically.