Australian Wooden Boat Festival: 10th - 13th February 2023

Eat More Tassie Seafood Galleria

Dive in and learn how scientists, the government and fishers manage Tasmania’s sustainable fisheries. Explore Tasmania’s seafood industry’s rich history through grassroots fishing yarns by local fishers.

With interactive displays from industry, and opportunities to watch local fishers make abalone catch bags or rock lobster pots, you’re bound to learn something!

Get a taste of the best Tassie seafood in town 

Jump aboard and discover Tasmania’s seafood treasures. The seafood galley promises to excite your taste buds and teach you a thing or two about Tasmanian seafood. Encompassing Tasmania’s nine seafood sectors, attendees learn about our seafood, how it’s harvested, and how to prepare it at home.

Local chefs create delicious and easy to prepare dishes using Tasmania’s freshest seafood. Stocked with the latest, high quality kitchen appliances, the SMEG kitchen and local chefs are ready and waiting to cook up a seafood feast. And it's all FREE to attend!

Clive Perryman (Rock Lobster Fisher),
Day Start Finish Chef Seafood Guest Presenters
Friday 1200 1240 Welcome to Country Bryan Denny (Ocean Blue Diving
Friday 1300 1340 Nathan Chilcott (Mures Tasmania) Blue Eye Trevalla Jock Mure, Tasmanian Wine Maker
Friday 1400 1440 Tony Byrne (Tasmanian Oyster Company) Oysters Robbie Gilligan (Last Sanctuary Gin Distiller)
Friday 1500 1540 Peter Handy (Vertical Pastures Salmon Sean Riley (Tassal)
Friday 1600 1640 Eloise Emmett (Little Norfolk Bay) Scallops A Tasmanian seafood processor & Hobart Brewing Co
Saturday 1000 1040 Vincent Macdonald (Procreate) Orange Roughy (launch of the Orange Roughy video by Garry Kerr) Garry Kerr, Tim Ryan CSIRO
Saturday 1100 1140 Sabina Newton (Former Masterchef contestant) Southern Rock Lobster Brendon 'Squizzy' Taylor (Rock Lobster Processor), Clive Perryman (Rock Lobster Fisher), Damien Wordsworth (SALCO)
Saturday 1200 1240 Massimo Mele (Peppina) Abalone Bryan Denny (Ocean Blue Diving), Jo Holyman (Stoney Rise Wine Company)
Saturday 1300 1340 Peter Cooksley (Hamlet Community and Cafe) Australian ''Cocky Salmon'' Ash Garlan (local Scale fisher, Jack Cooper (Fishy Business)
Saturday 1400 1440 Tasmanian Oyster shucking comp Oysters A variety of local oyster growers show off their shucking skills
Saturday 1500 1540 Tracey Martin (Petuna Aquaculture) Salmon Depha Miedecke (Petuna)
Saturday 1600 1640 Eloise Emmett (Little Norfolk Bay) Octopus Shane Wilson (Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures)
Sunday 1000 1040 Tony Byrne (Tasmanian Oyster Company) Oysters Paul Armstrong (NRM South), Marco Lubiana (Stefano Lubiana Wines)
Sunday 1100 1140 John Botha (Lounge by Frogmore Creek) Scalefish Ashmores Southern Fish market, Bill Lark (Lark Distillery)
Sunday 1200 1240 Massimo Mele (Peppina) Long-spined Sea Urchin Bryan Denny (Ocean Blue Diving), Johnny Keane (IMAS)
Sunday 1300 1340 Rodney Dunn (Agrarian Kitchen) Ocean Perch Aiden Jackson (Aidens Fresh Tasmanian Seafood)
Sunday 1400 1440 Stephen Lunn (Tasmanian Director Australian Culinary Federation) Salmon Huon Aquaculture
Sunday 1500 1540 Sabina Newton (Former Masterchef contestant) Scallops Stuart Richey (Richey Fishing)
Sunday 1600 1640 Eloise Emmett (Little Norfolk Bay)Southern Rock Lobster Brendon 'Squizzy' Taylor (Rock Lobster Fisher), Clive Perryman (Rock Lobster Fisher), Rural Alive and Well
Monday 1000 1040 Eloise Emmett (Little Norfolk Bay) Calamari Gretta Peci (IMAS)
Monday 1100 1140 Waji Spiby (Waji Food) Salmon Salmon Tasmania/td>
Monday 1200 1240 Tasmanian Oyster Grower Oysters Robbie Gilligan (Last Sanctuary Gin)
Monday 1300 1340 Eloise Emmett (Little Norfolk Bay) Abalone Shane Wilson (Tasmanian Wild Seafood Adventures), Mark Allsop (True South Seafood)