Australian Wooden Boat Festival: 7 - 10 February 2025

The 2025 Australian Wooden Boat Festival will be featuring the Pacific Ocean. Each category below will require additional support and assistance to attend the 2025 Festival.

An investment of $1000 - $5,000 towards each project will kick start us in bringing this extraordinary array of navigators, academics, craftspeople and adventurers to Hobart for 2025.

To make your invaluable contribution or to learn more about a project, please get in touch with Paul Stephanus - or call (03) 6223 3375.

Traditional Boatbuilding & Maritime Trades:


Mike Tavioni

Boatbuilder, artist, carver, traditional educator from the Cook Islands. With students will build a traditional vaka on site during the Festival, to donate to Tasmania. 


Justin John

Circumnavigated Papua New Guinea with his brother in a handmade traditional sailing canoe, now founding member of Pasana Group - school for traditional building and sailing.


Luke Vaikawi & Betty Delsi

Traditional sailmakers, and ropemakers from the Solomon Islands. Both play crucial roles in the Taumako project, sharing seafaring knowledge and voyaging histories. 


Alson Kelen

President of the WAM boatbuilding and sailing school in the Marshall Islands, conservator of culture and passing on the knowledge of traditional canoe building. 

Stars, Birds & Ocean Currents - Polynesian Navigation:

Pacific Project


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Hoturoa Kerr

Captain of the oceangoing vessel Haunui, navigator, and academic. Has sailed the Pacific for more than 35 years and has learnt everything he knows from his elders. A trustee of the Te Toki Voyaging Trust. 

Mimi George

Academic, anthropologist, and traditional boatbuilding proponent from Hawaii. Co-founder of the Pacific Traditions Society, Mimi directed the Vaka Taumajo Project in support of Solomon Islands masters of traditional navigation and boatbuilding.

Sounds of the Pacific:

Europeans in the Pacific:

Pacific Adventurers:

Our Ocean Home:

Feature Vessels: