We Hear You

We've received your suggestions, feedback and comments and are listening. What we hear is this — you want projects that celebrate and promote wooden boats and maritime culture, maintain the authenticity of our Festival and sustain our future. To make this happen, we need your support.

The AWBF have identified three pillars of support: Sustainability, Education and Social Impact. These pillars will provide the framework for projects that meet the needs of our community and ensure the security of our Festival for years to come.

Join us for Voyage 2023 + #AWBFnextgen

We are very excited to announce the projects for Voyage 2023 of the AWBF: The Salty Lens Film Series, Young Leaders of the Sea, and Tasmanian ningher Watercraft. Aligning with the upcoming AWBF, donations to these projects will not only support the 2023 Festival and the organisation, but will provide opportunities to engage the next generation of wooden boat lovers and maritime enthusiasts.

With the ongoing pandemic and the cancellation of the 2021 Festival, coming together has never been more important than it is right now. Sustained by the strength, resilience and generosity of our community, together we can steer into a brighter 2023!

Pledge your Support

Pledge your support for the AWBF by donating to projects that align with your interests and the following areas below : Sustainability, Education, or Social Impact.

*Donations to the Salty Lens Film Series and Tasmanian ningher Watercraft is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF). Donations to the Young Leaders of the Sea are auspiced through the Windeward Bound Foundation. All donations of $2 and above are tax-deductible.

Are you or your organisation interested in becoming a Major Donor? Head to The Captain's Table major donor program below.

Support the AWBF


Project: The Salty Lens Film Series— Exploring and Documenting the Relationship between Humans, Wooden Boats and the Sea

“Recognising the profound impact of the COVID pandemic on cultural organisations around the world (including the cancellation of AWBF 2021), we are responding with an initiative to engage and support our maritime community. The Salty Lens film series will connect seafarers across continents and oceans, promoting the Festival and love of wooden boats through storytelling and creating a legacy of maritime culture for generations to come.”


Project: Young Leaders of the Sea — The Next Generation in Maritime Culture

“A Tasmanian youth development project focused on fostering seafaring skills and an inclusive maritime culture. A partnership with visiting Tall Ships, the project will provide youths (18-23 years) from regional or diverse backgrounds the opportunity to crew a Tall Ship and embark on an incredible voyage from their home ports to Hobart as part of the 2023 Australian Wooden Boat Festival.”

Social Impact

Project: Tasmanian ningher Watercraft — The Next Generation in Maritime Culture

“Sheldon Thomas, a palawa man, respected artist and canoe builder, will team up with the AWBF to build the largest canoe that Sheldon has built to date in a prime position on the Hobart Waterfront. Sheldon will share his knowledge with indigenous youths from his family, passing on the traditional methods and exploring innovative forms of indigenous boat building.”

The Captain's Table

Major Donor Program

The Captain's Table is a collective of committed individuals and organisations that are passionate about wooden boats and maritime culture. They each generously support the AWBF with an annual gift of $1,000 or more, or provide an intention to request.

To find out more please email tct@awbf.org.au or call Paul or Scarlet on (03) 6223 3375